Optimize the Compliance of Enterprise Salary Structure and Reduce Labor Cost

Optimize Manpower Efficiency and Improve Operational Efficiency

Are you facing the following problems

Single Employment Form   High Wage Cost

There are many positions in the enterprise, such as market, operation, technology research and development, customer service and administration, all of which sign labor contracts, and the enterprise has low human efficiency.

High Social Security Costs

The location of the enterprise has higher requirements for social security compliance, and all employees’ social security needs to be purchased according to the wage base, which is costly.

Unfamiliar with the Tax Burden Policy of Enterprises and Employees

Enterprise operating efficiency is good, employees have high wages, and they do not understand the tax burden support policy, resulting in certain cost waste.

Lack of Welfare and Poor Incentive for Employees

Enterprise values are sales culture, which is mainly based on bonus and it cannot effectively motivate positions such as technology research and development.

The Changes that We Can Give You

Single Employment Relationship to Multi-Dimensional Employment Relationship

Outsourcing, flexible employment and dispatch are used for non-core positions

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Rationalization of Salary Structure and Assessment

The salary structure of each post is split and the assessment incentive mechanism is introduced

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Enhance Welfare System Support

All-round support work with in-kind welfare and post support welfare

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Wage Cost to Operating Cost

Transform the cost structure through service procurement and structure optimization

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  • Meet all kinds of customization requirements
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