More Than 400 Cities Directly Provide Social Security Services

15 years of professional service experience in the industry better understand the demands of corporate payroll tax and social security management

If you are of that follow enterprise types

Start-Up Enterprise

At the initial stage of enterprise growth, the funds are limited, so it is necessary to save costs and supply business, reduce costs and solve professional problems by paying

Enterprises with Social Security Compliance Payment Risks

In the past, enterprises had historical legacy in social security base compliance, and needed to solve compliance problems through professional human resources solutions

Large Service Group

It has the characteristics of multiple places, multiple subsidiaries/branches, and personnel departments from branches, etc., and needs the three-party service organization to customize the plan

Developing Enterprises with Large Mobility of Personnel

There is a large flow of personnel in enterprises, and the transactional work of the personnel department is cumbersome. It is necessary to solve the efficiency and risk problems through social security outsourcing

National Enterprises with Multi-City Distribution

The personnel department of the national department of the enterprise cannot land, and it needs a reliable personnel platform with national service capability and cost reduction

Chain Stores

Chain stores have multiple characteristics of decentralized management and high mobility of personnel, which require tripartite service agencies to plan social security compliance issues

The Changes that We Can Give You

Control Risk

Expert services accurately land and strictly control the risks of social security services

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Solve Problems

Solve the problem of insurance management in different places and avoid the risk of enterprise compliance

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Cost Savings

Optimize management hidden cost and reduce service cost

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Improve Efficiency

Deal with cumbersome affairs and sort out complex policies in many places

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Service Our Service Guarantees

Online Immediate Response

  • 30-second online quick response service
  • 7*24-hour declaration and submission
  • Follow up and deal with emergencies for 2 hours

National Peer-to-Peer Service

  • 400 + city direct operation
  • Full coverage of dots
  • Commissioned by one place and served by the whole country

Leading Technical Level

  • Meet all kinds of customization requirements
  • Personalized data exchange
  • National information, instant inquiry

Professional Service Team

  • 15 years of accumulation
  • High quality, high standard and specialization
  • Full-process online support


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