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Service Introduction

Service Category

Logo Design

VI Scheme Design

Card Design

Exhibition Panel

Network mapping

Video Production

Corporate Promotional Film

PPT Customization

Cultural Wall Design

Decoration Design

Website Design

APP/Mini Program Design

H5 Design

Copywriting Planning

Advertisement Placement

ublicity Printing、Business Card, Poster, Door Making、Banners, Car Stickers, Self-Adhesive, Spray Painting, Logo Signs, Luminous Characters, etc.

Publicity materials printing provides free design services(excluding customization)

—— Design Service Customization New Customers Place Orders at a Discount of 50% (limited to 10 per day) ——

Free Consultation

BangMang Media,committed to providing high-end personalized and customized brand design services for enterprises, focusing on customer embodiment, Meet customer needs with creative expression, one-stop brand upgrade solutions, help enterprises to continue to make profits, double their performance, and build Build brand core value.

Services include: LOGO design, VI design, publicity material design, advertising design, packaging design, IT software, PPT design, video editing, brand copywriting, space design, display design and material production and other one-stop brand design services.

Design Case

What we endow the brand is not only a glamorous external image, but also an inner soul symbol with profound meaning

Design is valuable and service is priceless

Starting from quality ,creating high-quality service and achieving brand value

Free Consultation

Transaction Process

1. Please communicate your needs with us first;

2. Both parties set cooperation intention, sign contract and complete payment;

3. Bang Mang promises that all works will be revised to satisfaction, and editable source documents will be provided after finalization

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