Business Process Outsourcing

Reduce the Cost of Personnel Management and Reduce the Employment Risk of Enterprises

Business Process Outsourcing

Business process outsourcing refers to the separation of business processes of some repetitive and non-core positions by enterprises. Outsourcing companies simplify the employment procedures of enterprises, reduce the cost of personnel management, reduce the employment risks of enterprises and improve the management efficiency of enterprises through professional personnel management and standardized operation processes.

Enterprise Problems

Limited Budget

Difficulties: It is difficult to apply for staffing, and the total wage budget is rigid

Solution: Choose a third party, break the rigid limit, and be flexible

High Employment Risk

Difficulties: employment fluctuations, risky for enterprises to dispute by themselves

Solution: Isolate the enterprise itself and the expert team will solve the problem

 Difficult to Manage

Difficulties: Management is becoming more and more difficult, and the organization is bloated and the classification is complicated

Solution: Adapt to the trend of shared service outsourcing and lighten the enterprise management structure

Many Local Cities

Difficulties: There are great regional differences in the country, and it is difficult to assign and manage territories

Solution: Real-time digital landing direct service with the help of a third-party unified platform

Provide One-Stop Employment Service Plan

Production Line Outsourcing Warehousing Logistics Outsourcing Overall Outsourcing of The Project Financial Service Outsourcing

Production Line Outsourcing

For labor outsourcing of the whole production line or some similar positions, professional outsourcing service providers provide enterprises with self-recruitment of employees, allocation of employees and performance management, employee relationship management and logistics services, employee training and development, daily management of production lines, etc. according to the characteristics of the production line.

Service Advantages
  • * Focus on core technologies, businesses and businesses with high added value
  • * Reduce the risk of hiring personnel in seasonal and sudden production
  • * Reduce the troubles caused by labor disputes
  • * Avoid overstaffing and improve the overall efficiency of enterprises
  • * Reduce the investment of financial resources and manpower of enterprises and
      increase the rate of return on capital operation
  • * Reduce the scope of management and improve the efficiency of enterprise management
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