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Enterprise Profile

BangMang Service Outsourcing Co., Ltd. focuses on one-stop human resources solutions. Its main businesses include: Personnel Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing, Mass Creation Platform, Recruitment Service Outsourcing, Technical Service Outsourcing, Enterprise Welfare Platform, Park Operation, Legal Consulting Services, etc. Starting from 2015, BangMang Group has set up companies in Hong Kong, China, the United States and other places to provide high-quality, customized and systematic human resources services from a more global perspective, as well as landing services for more and more multinational enterprises.

After 15 years of ingenuity, BangMang insisted on taking technology as the driving force, actively explored new models and new formats, and made continuous efforts to promote stable employment and protect people’s livelihood. In the future, we will continue to build a human resources ecosystem with our partners and provide better and more professional human resources ecological solutions to the society.

Corporate Culture

Quality and Service

Our progress depends on products, services, technology and response speed.

The whole process is intimate

We regard the first-class service of human resources as a perfect journey. There is no end here, only a starting point. We will continuously improve the service standards and goals.


Perfect products, services, technology and team reengineering with customer orientation.


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